Monday, January 19, 2009

Blogoversary Yummies from Kerry

Hey Gals,

Hop on over to Kerry's blog:

She is an artistic inspiration and her blog is a great reference and brightens my days.

Happy Stampin and Scrappin!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Comfort Foods

What is your favorite comfort food?

I love pancakes and home made macaroni and cheese, especially when I am not feeling well.

Here is a laundry list of America's top 25:

Apple PieBaked BeansBanana PuddingBeef StewBrisket Pot RoastChicken & DumplingsChicken Pot PieChicken SoupChiliChocolate Chip CookiesCorn on the CobFried ChickenGelatinGreen Bean CasseroleHot DogsIce CreamMacaroni & CheeseMashed PotatoesMeatloafPotato SaladPumpkin PieShepherd's PieSpaghettiTomato SoupTuna Casserole

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A New Week

Grandpa Ray's 90th Birthday Party!

Where did the weekend fly off to? I can't believe we are already back to Monday!

Another goal I have for this year is to take at least one photo every day. The key is to carry my camera with me all the time I think. Today it was ingredients to make fudge. I am getting ready to mail a package off to Mike and Penny with fudge inside. YUM!

Grandpa's birthday party was wonderful! Everyone had a great time and he was so surprised! It was truly priceless.

Today seemed to blast right by as well. It has been productive but I have yet to get any creative time in. So, I guess I am going to close for now and try to fit some time in after I get the kiddos down to bed at 9 but since we are all fighting a cold I just might join them in dreamland too.


Friday, January 9, 2009

One Week Into the New Year...

I am going to try to hop back into the world of blogging.


This blog is going to just have miscellaneous information. Our family and house blogs will be separate. I may set up a scrapbooking/craft blog at some point but that is way down on my list of goals. :)

My original goal was to try to post every day in 2009 but this is not realist for my life. So, after a quick reevaluation, I have opted for weekly as my "goal". If I get to post more often it is just a bonus. I have a lot of goals for this year which all seem to require a lot of time. (Shhh...don't tell me anything different...but I'll be happy if I accomplish 1/2 of my list and transfer the rest to 2010!) I have a huge list of books I want to read too.

MY FAVORITE GADGET of 2008: Kindle
Check it out at I love it!!!

Our new home blog is set up as 1234 Burnside Place. (Yes, that is REALLY our new address!) After tossing around several ideas for the houses' blog this one felt like a revelation. So, I will get a link attached to this in the next week (haha) so you can pop over and enjoy our building experience too.

Washington is being "swamped" with interesting weather. We've had a lot of snow and now rain...rain and more rain. The rivers are flooding and it is just a wet, soppy mess outside. It was rather fun to have a white Christmas though.

Our Grandpa Ray turns 90 on January the 14th! He is amazing! We are celebrating his birthday on Saturday (10th) with a surprise party. Sadly, I don't think Brian, Bren and Lucy will be able to join us due to I-5 being closed due to the flooding. :(

My favorite part of cooking! My Bitty Chef will be joining me, of course.

I am off to bake cake number one for the party:
A Texas Sheet Cake--YUMMY! This recipe has been used since we lived in Iceland. I haven't made it for several years so it is definitely time to dust it off.

Cake Number Two is a 3 layer lemon cake. Double Yummy! This is a Paula recipe so we can't go wrong here either.

I will post both recipes here later today and maybe even a picture or two.


Friday, May 9, 2008

A Few More Nik Pics

I am 3!

What a day Nikolaus had! He could hardly wait to open his presents! His electric guitar and amp are on the way and then he'll be a jammin' 3 year old.

The BEST part of being 3: "Hmmm. Let me see. I get to go to Jumpers (gymnastics) and then come home and sit on the table and eat lotsa cake and getting my very own guitar!"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nikolaus Turns 3 & Retreat Photo too

Today Nikolaus is 3! We are in the process of creating a gigantic cupcake cake. He is beyond excited! He keeps telling me he is "officially 3 and a REALLY BIG BOY!" I will post some photos later of his special day! For is a picture of He, Penny and Jake. We precelebrated so Pen could be with us before she headed back to Utah. She came up to play and go to the local scrapbooking retreat over the weekend! We had a blast though I will be working on catching up on sleep for a few weeks I think.
We are already counting the days until she comes back in June!

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Welcome and Hello

It seems like everyone has a blog to share their artwork and such, so I decided to jump in as well. I'm not sure how much I'll post at first but I can see where it would get to be a great place to share my art, thoughts and writing.

Blessings and Cheer,